Be It Ever So Humble…

There is absolutely no place like home. Especially after a couple of rough days at work. When the clock barely appears to be moving on the wall and I swear if I hear my name called ONE more time I may just choke someone.

But I made it and for the next 16 hours I am just Cindy. Cindy at home. Braless, shoeless and wrapped in a fuzzy blanket me. My plans are simple a dinner that can just be put in the oven and forgotten about until it’s done, a few light chores and get a little work done on my filing system.

After that if David wants to put the new bed frames together we will do that. If not than Hulu here I come.

It’s the little things that make such a difference in my life right now.

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Lion or Lamb

You guys have heard the saying in like a lion and out like a lamb. People keep saying thank God 2020 is almost over.  2021 will be better.  And on and on and on.  Hell yes 2020 was rough we got Covid for fucks sake!  But this year David and I learned a lot about ourselves and other people.

While many people were struggling financially this year David and I did ok.  Mostly because I worked a shit ton and he took care of the stuff he could with the pets and house.  We worked as a team.

That teamwork allowed us to be able to donate to a couple of different causes near and dear to our hearts.  We donated pet food, pet carriers, blankets and toys to our favorite rescues.  I started couponing so we could stock up on things that we need while we have a little extra money.  But nobody needs 15 containers of toothpaste so we began donating to friends and charities. That is something I plan to continue to do.

We also learned a lot about the people in our lives.  Those that we can count on and those that we needed to say goodbye to.  It was tough to reach out for help when we needed it.  I don’t like to ask for help, but this year I did it.  For the most part the people in my life were just amazing.  I did however get my heart broken a time or two by the actions of others.  But that is ok, that is how we grow.

The end of 2020 and the beginning of 2021 for us is going to be about us continuing to grow as people and figuring out what we can do to be better.

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Libby Turns 4!

That’s right my beautiful girl turns 4 years old today.  The plan is a goodie from Pet Supplies Plus, a can of her favorite wet dog food and all the belly rubs she can handle!   I’m not even a dog and that sounds pretty good to me.

When Tyler died at about 13 I told myself no more dogs.  It’s to hard.  But every set of big beautiful eyes I saw and every face full of kisses I got from other people’s dog weakened my resolve.  So I went looking for a rescue, not a puppy and I was looking into pit bulls because they get such a bad wrap.  Met with one or two dogs and it didn’t work out.  Headed over to the Michigan Human Society because the website said young pit bull pups need a home.

When we got there we started looking around for the pups and this little black lab with white paws just jumped right up and said look at me!  And we did.  Love at first sight.  Born December 23rd.  The only one of her litter not to get parvo and die. Her name at MHS was Libby and we kept it because it fit.

She came home with us April 26 she was a little over 4 months old and just a little girl who wouldn’t even walk into the the pet store with us to get a new collar.  David had to push her in the cart.

Now she is game for going for bye-bye rides anytime she can.  He favorite is McDonalds because they have the best fries in her opinion.  My once little lap pup is now 63 pounds of love and kisses.

Right now as I type she is curled up in my chair napping, but occasionally opening one eye to make sure I didn’t try to sneak off to bed without her.  She is such a gift, she fills my heart with such love and I am so glad she picked us.  Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

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Voting and other stuff

Good afternoon friends.  It has been a while since I posted.  I have been both busy and tired.  But today it felt like a writing day.  Day two of the waiting on the democratic process to decide where our country goes next.  I voted, I hope you did too.  No matter who you voted for.  We are a split household, but we have been on most political things our whole life together.  We will discuss, agree to disagree and walk away when necessary.  My hope is that no matter the outcome our country takes that same approach.

Halloween this year was a bit disappointing.  We didn’t have any trick or treaters.  Of course we didn’t have any decorations up either.  I bought a blow up for the front yard, but it didn’t work.  So we relied on the front porch light.  But I think it wasn’t enough.  We 100 bags of chips leftover.

So I have been couponing for while now.  I am stocking up on things that I use in my home while I still am getting overtime.  I am also stocking up for Christmas presents this year and donations to charities.  It’s fun to do when now that I am learning how and keeping my out of pocket cost low.

Well I am going to cut this short.  I am being distracted.  Lol will visit again soon.

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The Problem With Declarations…

Is that once my resolve starts to waiver I start to feel like a BIG HUGE PUSSY!  A while back I took myself off Facebook I was just getting so disgusted about how many people are acting during this Presidential election.  Friends attacking friends for having different beliefs.  The press and the politicians ramming us up the ass trying to “get our vote”.  What ever happened to stating your agenda and allowing the people to decide?  I am not a Sheeple, a Snow Flake or a Fem Nazi.  I am a lady with my own thoughts and my own mind.

So I made this big declaration that I would stay off Facebook until after the election is over. Sound so awesome doesn’t it?  I even deleted the app from my phone.  But then I realized something as the days passed.  My friend lost her parent and I didn’t know for a couple of days because I am not on Facebook.  I didn’t know my friend got a baby kitty because I am not on Facebook.  My friend’s cancer has returned, but I didn’t know because I wasn’t on Facebook.  Facebook has become so a huge part of many of our lives (me included) that people just assume you saw their post and know what is happening.

So now do I admit defeat and go back on Facebook or do I hold out until after the election?  Actually my friends I decided to COMPROMISE with myself.  I will not put the app back on my phone. I will only be able to connect on my laptop.  That means I can’t be on Facebook all day.  My Laptop stays at home on my desk so I will have to make time and effort to login.  This way I can keep up with my friends, see all the kitty and puppy photos and keep the amount of political poisoning to a minimum.

So  I guess there are a couple of lessons to be learned here. 1) Sometimes Big Declarations are  good thing, sometimes I end up looking like a pussy.  2) Friends and family are such a big part of my small world if that means keeping in touch through social media that is what I will do.

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Happy July 5TH.

No that is not a typo I hope the 5th is a great day for you too.  Hell I want everyday to be great for you, but I know that is not always possible. But it is the thought that counts right?

I hope you all had a fantastic 4th of July.  I think most of the people in my neighborhood did.  Sounded like a war zone and I could smell the BBQ. But I much prefer fireworks to guns so I consider myself lucky.  I spent my 4th working a 13 hour day.  A dear lady who is like my sister invited me over to her house and since I had to work she packed me up some food so I didn’t have to cook when I got home (like that was going to happen).  So David and I had BBQ ribs, bunch of different pasta salad, corn on the cob and dessert.  It was Yummy.  So a bit later  that night David and I were laying in bed watching Netflix.  He said to me, “You know if you would have told me when I was younger I would be doing this instead of setting off fireworks and hanging out I would have told you you were crazy.”  I totally agreed.  No booze, no fireworks, snuggled up with the family? But between you and me it was great.

So I have a birthday in two days. 48…when the fuck did that happen?  Lol  My plans are to get my nails done, go to the kidney doctor, figure out what I want for dinner and eat Hummingbird  Bundt Cake (which I will be making tomorrow) and rest.  Does it sound boring?  Goood.  I have been in overdrive for several months and so boring works.  Will I miss seeing my family? Absolutely but I just need the rest.  There are just a couple of weeks left of this crazy schedule, but I want to finish strong (and healthy).

There are a ton of people celebrating birthdays with me this month.  I won’t list in case you don’t want people to know your business, but you all have my love and best wishes for a fantastic birthday!

Well time to get busy.  Take care friends and stay safe.

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Sunday and the Living is easy…

Ha!  Ok so it’s not easy for anyone right now.  But as I continue on my road towards positivity I am trying to look on the bright side.  Being suck in a home with individuals who can’t be out in the community has been trying.  My coworkers are amazing and trying to cope.  I will be glad when we are given ok to resume regular activities.

Took The Wonder Twins to see Dr. Cory and the rest of our friends at Donaldson Animal Hospital.  The Dr. said that they are doing well.  They are good weights, got their shots and had blood draw for labs.  The the only thing they had were some ear mites, but we have medicine coming for that.

Yesterday I went to Aldi to get David the onions and coffee filters, but came out $55  lighter.  I found a amazing small pork roast Marinating in a BBQ sauce. That is going to be awesome with Mashed Potatoes and a vegetables.

Today when I get home I need to get Erin’s cage clean.  That is my big project for the day.  I also need to deep clean the bathroom.  Maybe I will attempt that too.  If not today, then tomorrow.

So any big plans for  the week?  For us it’s the same old shit on a different day.  But I will do my best to keep my positive attitude.


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The Wonder Twins!

This time I am not talking about my boobs! LOL.  My boobs haven’t been that good in years.  I am talking about our kittens.  I was calling them the Littles, but that confused Lilly because her nickname is Little Bit.  So I have decided on calling them the Wonder Twins.  Which if you are a comic nerd or are close to my age watched and Saturday morning cartoons you know who that is.  It seemed fitting for my little boy and girl.

Above  The Wonder Twins are six weeks old.  Still like to cuddle and be Momma’s babies.  Willow has the green collar.

The second picture the twins are 10.5 weeks old and just started playing on the cat trees.  Not into cuddling right now,  I try and they are like Mom let me go.  LOL.

On Friday since the restrictions have been lifted they will be going in for their exam and shots.  At that time I will ask Dr. Corey a bunch of questions and get dates for the next round of shots and when they will be fixed and microchipped.

I am being asked about how I am doing with all of this and when I say I am doing ok people kind of give me an look like they don’t believe me.  But I am doing ok.  I am tired, of course I am. Other than that I feel like I am being a Rock Star in less than Ideal Conditions.  So here is me.  How I look right now.  Ready?

Some weight gain and in need of a hair appointment, but aren’t most people dealing with that?  Will I be happy when I slow down a bit?  The answer is yes and no.  Workaholics love to work.  We love the security of it. When I slow down I love the time with my family , but I worry about money and the what if’s of life.

So what else can I tell you?  Onyx had his 2nd Birthday.  I wasn’t there that day, but spoiled him the next day with canned food and toys.  I always have toys laying around because everytime I go to the pet store I buy them all a present.  Are the spoiled? Hell yes they are.

Libby’s nails are so long she can give Freddie Krueger a run for his money.  She has an appointment a week from tomorrow for her nails and to get her shots.  I know the Doc is going to say something about her weight.  David and I give to many treats.  We need to remember she doesn’t need them and they won’t help her live a long and healthy life.

Well I think I will go read the Sunday paper.  The Little Darlings are relaxing in their rooms for now.  Have a safe week friends.

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Looking At The Positives

Happy Saturday friends.  Not sure what day we are on of this Covid Mess.  But what I can tell you is that is the same number of days it’s been since I have had a day off.  Except when I took David to the hospital for a non Covid issue.  I can assure you that wasn’t a vacation.  So I am feeling extremely tired and my body hurts.  BUT that is all the bitching I am going to do about that.

Let’s talk about my blessings!  I have a Soulmate at home who is keeping my furbabies safe and happy while I am working all these hours.  Who listens when I come home ready to quit and NEVER go back again.  Who makes sandwiches exactly the way I like them even when he thinks it’s weird.   Who always gives me the strength to get up when my body and my mind say enough.

My Momma- I miss her so.  I can’t wait until I get myself a big Momma hug and a smile.  Being away from the woman who has been my best friend most of my life sucks.

My family- Brothers, In Laws and honorary siblings.  I miss being able to have a meal.  To be able to go to birthday parties of my great nieces and nephews.  To hug my mother in law.  To sit outside at the BBQ’s and chat with my family. Soon I can be there with them and I will never take it for granted again.

My C0-workers- These are the most amazing ladies ever.  They work hard, show up on time.  Do as asked, care about each other.  And are being amazing during what is a very difficult time. I wouldn’t trade them.  I need their laughter every day.

My friends- In real life and on social media.  They keep me smiling, check to make sure I am ok and share a little of their lives with me daily.

My Furbabies- My oldest who is 22 to my youngest who are both 9 weeks old.  Unconditional love, with waggie butt, purrs, tweets and licking tongues. I would work 4 jobs to make sure they have everything that they need.

In a time when we could be focusing on all the negatives and man there are a lot of those.  I am taking time each day to focus on the positives.  Hoping one day soon we can go back to seeing our love ones again and doing the things that we love.

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Who Is That Masked Woman?

It’s me!  Yep and I am more than happy to do it.  Is it hot?  Yes and it fogs up my glasses.  Are the bands uncomfortable around my ears? Yep and I have sensitive skin so I am getting red marks.  Do people find it hard to understand me?  Yep, I repeat myself a lot and doing so drys out my mouth.  See I sure can bitch about it, but what good is that going to do?  If it is what is required of me to do for my job and the health of my love ones it WILL be done.  I guess that is why I am having such a hard time with people bitching about having to follow protocols put in place to save lives.

I have been watching and reading the news a lot lately.  I can’t even fathom working in the horrid circumstances that hospital employees are working in.  My boss and I have been talking about if we can figure out how to get men back from space after a malfunction can’t someone figure out how we can help make PPE for health care workers?

Look I am not a smart woman.  I am of average intelligence, but give me a list of supplies, a pattern and I will figure out how to make the things that are necessary.  My staff and I have reupholstered a sofa using dollar store duct tape.  I used shower curtains to make a wrap when bed bugs were in the group home because they thought I was a great snack.  We could help, but we need guidelines.

I know that professional gowns made for from manufacturers is best, but we saw the footage of healthcare professionals wearing trash bags.  We certainly can do  better than that.

What if retired doctors, nurses and all the smart people would brainstorm some guidelines for us then we could do the labor.  I sew a little, I duct tape like a fucking rock star and I am sure there are others who would be willing to help.  I know they say we are doing our part by following CDC guidelines, but each time I see that hospital footage I want to do more.


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