Christmas Morning

Merry Christmas my friends!  It’s almost 8:30 AM.  Me and the furbabies are the only ones up.  Momma got up to pee while we were all awake, snuggling in bed, but she went back to bed.  This gives me a few minutes to chat with you.

So we got up and after the potty breaks the kitties and the puppy were fed.  The laundry is spinning and I am snacking on some cheese. The plan for today is to get dressed and go see my Daddy, Mom and Paul Markell.  I may even swing by and say Merry Christmas to Mrs. Murphy and Bill.  Yes I know many will say why do you do that, they are gone and we could have a big metaphysical discussion.  Here is the truth I just fucking miss them.  So on Birthdays, Anniversaries and Christmas I take a flower or two to say hello, maybe shed a tear if I need to and remember how extremely lucky I have been to be loved by them.

After that it is Christmas with the Gokey family.  We do Secret Santa now because there are so many of us and that is cool.  I love the gift I picked out and I hope my person does too. David has an awesome gift for his person too.  You know after the divorce the Gokey family had every right to dismiss me, but they didn’t and it feels good that one piece of paper didn’t change that.  Sometimes I feel bad for David he didn’t get the same result with all of my family.  Which is kind of funny my family is supposed to be the most liberal.

After that it’s back to the casa for some home time.  Maybe some video games or if Momma is up for is a game of Rummy.  It would be good to kick her and David’s ass on Christmas.

So we are getting to that age more and more of our friends are losing loved ones and the first Christmas is always the hardest.  My Daddy passed in July when Christmas Eve came all of a sudden WOOSH, it was like he had just past all over again.  Cry when you need to my friends.  I don’t give a fuck if you are in the store or in the car.  It’s good to cry and get that shit out.  BUT also try to remember  at least one thing that made you smile after.  For me that is usually my Daddy wearing his suspenders to keep his pants up with no shirt with the buddha belly hanging out.  Makes me smile every time.

Well my friends it’s time for a shower and to get on the road. Have a Safe and Merry Christmas from me and my family.

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Book, Light, Candle

What?  Well I took Mom to see the Neurologist who had her remember three words light, pencil and apple.  He asked her some questions and after asked her what the three words were.  She passed with flying colors.  Which is awesome because it proves she has all her marbles which for almost 84 is a great thing.

Since the appointment however I have been thinking about three words too.  Only with me I am thinking book, light and candle.  Does that mean my marbles are loose?  Maybe.  But I am ok with it.  After all 15 years doing what I do for a living I feel pretty good that I haven’t put a gun in my mouth.  So why book, light and candle?

So Book…In the new year I am going to attempt to read more.  I say attempt because many times I try and five minutes into a book I drop the fucker on the floor. But either way it relaxes me.

Light…I plan on get my eating back on track in the new year.  Not because of any other reason than because I want to.  I felt great when I was eating right and taking care of me.  I want to get back to that. A new Light(er) me.  LOL

Candle… Well I have a habit of burning the candle at both ends and I really have to knock that shit off.  I am not as young as I used to be.  So I am going to try a little harder about relaxing and taking better care.  The bills will still be there tomorrow.

Did you all see beautiful picture at the start of my blog?  My brother did that for Christmas.  It’s badass.  Of course so is he.

Well time to go.  Heading out Christmas shopping for my mother in law and buy some much-needed wrapping paper.  Have a fantastic Wednesday my beautiful friends.

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A Loud Clatter

In The Night Before Christmas  the  author arose from him bed to see what was the matter.   But I know what made the loud Clatter and it wasn’t reindeer.  It was Onyx getting tangled in a lamp cord.  But it was just loud enough to wake Libby, David and I.  Which meant EVERYBODY had to get up to pee.

Now I am laying back in bed and hoping to tire out enough for a bit more sleep.  Been experiencing some side pains which are not fun.  So hoping a little extra rest helps.

So how are things in your world?  Christmas is sneaking up on us.  Are you ready?  My feeling on Christmas this year is basically I could take it or leave it.  I think because my attempts at Christmas Joy have been big old duds.    But maybe it will turn around.

Started writing again.  Nothing serious or deep.  Just ideas of things I would like to do, try or accomplish in my life.  Sometimes I let myself get bogged down with other people’s drama and I quit doing for me.  Got stop that.

Well I think I will try for that extra hour or so of rest.  Take care Friends.


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Thanksgiving Plan?

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and for many  that means family, food and celebration.  For me this year I will be working which is ok.  As long as I have Halloween and Christmas Eve off the other holidays I will work.

So I have been thinking how do I want to do thanksgiving?  No big meal needs to be made, but still I would like to do a little something.  Maybe a Cornish hen?  Some Mashed potatoes ?  Maybe a little homemade dessert?  Maybe not.

I find myself drawn to the idea of just letting it pass on by.  Nothing really wrong with that.  I can make a turkey sandwich and call it a day.

Another option is a day after Thanksgiving dinner…but then more work and well I hate cooking anyway.  So an unlikely scenario.

I could also do a Thanksgiving Breakfast for my family.  But since one sleeps late and the other  barely eats that too could be a little much.

It’s still a week away.  Maybe something will end up tickling my fancy.  If not Christmas is right round the corner. LOL

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No Bifocals and The Birdcage is Clean

Today has been a busy day. It started with an eyeglass appointment, where I said no to bifocals and went with readers.  Cheaper and I think a better choice for me.

After that Momma and I went to get haircuts.  So we are all cleaned up like shiny pennies.

Then home where I cleaned Erin’s messy bird-cage.  That was a trip.  It’s beautiful now, but it won’t be.  I love the hell out of him, but he is a dirty bird.

Right now I am the only human awake.   Mom and David are resting.  Libby is sleeping by the chair and Lilly is laying down with Momma.

Well the election is done and we are blue state and hopefully on to bigger and better things.  All three proposals past and the only thing that I am sad about is voter turn out in my area.  Pontiac had the lowest voter turn out in Oakland County.  They said between 10-20%.  I wonder why?  I heard people said they didn’t know who was running, I heard some people didn’t have transportation and my least favorite reason was they felt their vote didn’t matter anyway.    Kind of sad actually we are leaving our decisions in the hands of a few.  Wouldn’t it be great if more would get involved.  Maybe as a community we need to get more information to the individuals, get some transport for those in need and convince those who think that they don’t matter that they do.

Well my back is starting to ache and so I am going to say see ya later!  Have a great night.

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I Voted

Momma and I did that this afternoon.  I had my mind pretty much made up for a while now, but I read something today that changed my opinion on one of the proposals.  The one that I thought would be No brainer for me.  It’s funny how quickly a person’s view can change.  And why.  During my younger years it would have been all about me.  Now it’s about so many people.  The elderly, special needs folks, and friends who I know medical marijuana is helping.  Tax hikes, insurance issues and tons more.

With politics now a days you vote and hope for the best.  Then if it didn’t work out the way we hoped we try again next time.  The big thing is to never stop trying.  Believe me I won’t.



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Judgments and Respect

Good late morning my friends.  For those of you that don’t know I have been off from work since last Sunday.  My doctor felt that I needed a rest.  So that’s what I have been doing.  So here is what is on my mind…Planet Fitness maybe a judgement  free zone, but that seems like that is one of very few places that are.

I mean what the fuck people?  I have heard grown folk who should be lifting each other up on a daily basis call each other names like small children.    Not that bright, selfish, bitchy, lazy, stupid, ordinary and the list could go on and on.  This bothers the fuck out of me.  Nobody is perfect by any means and the negativity blasting off people right now  makes long days longer and good people assholes.  To be frank it makes other people not want to be around.

My work days are filled with people who have very little control of their emotions because of mental illness or defect.  It’s a hard job and mentally exhausting.  People with all their screws should know better.  When I go places and the people there can’t treat each other or customers with respect and dignity I don’t want to go back.  My list is getting pretty long.

When people want something or need something it’s great to speak out.  I am all for it, but make sure you are asking, not telling, talking to, not at and don’t think people can read your mind.  If I could do that I would be rich.

My world is not that big,  I don’t own much and I don’t need much.  What I do need is to be treated like a human being.  With the simple dignity and respect all people deserve.  If you can not give those things I feel sorry for you.

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Butt Hurt

Yes it is an interesting title, but it’s what I am dealing with the most right now.  Not actual physical Pan in my butt.  But the daily dealings of other people’s emotions and feelings.  Butt Hurt is when an individual is upset about something and either withdraws or interacts but with an attitude about something.  Now the person this is directed at is supposed to know or a least notice enough to ask what is wrong.  You with me so far?

As a person who deals with numerous people in many different settings I appear to cause Butt Hurt frequently.  And in the past I would go through and try to solve or smooth over whatever the issue is.  BUT (the other kind this time) this week  I realized I spend a lot of time and emotional eating doing this. Which seems like bullshit to me.  So I am going to wait to those with issues either get over it or come to me.  Their drama, their waded panties or flying monkeys.  Whatever phrase works for them.

My biggest drama moves in 7 days after a minor set back.  My other drama I am handling on my own without the Butt Hurts.  So I am expecting others to do the same.  Somewhere along the lines we became a society where we expect our minds read and our problems solved.  That’s not how it works people.

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Six Days and Counting

In six days my life is going to get so much better.  Six days and one little change will help so much.  Just about a year ago an individual came into my life and it has been battle after battle ever since.  I find I overeat, I stay tired and emotionally drained all the time.  And the biggest part is watching other people around me deal with this person and he/she is worse with them.  So in six days this person becomes a memory and the people I love will be able to heal a bit emotionally.

This week I do not have a single day off.  But that is ok.  I will still rock this week.  We have some decorating to do.    Well I must go now.  I have a busy, busy day tomorrow.  Have a great night.

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Is It Fall?

Yesterday was officially the first day of fall.  In Michigan that doesn’t mean a whole lot.  One minute it’s cool, tomorrow it could be 80 degrees or it could be snowing.  That is the joy of The Great Lake State.

At work the staff already have up the Halloween and some Thanksgiving decorations.  I guess we are decorating for Hallowgiving.  Lol

So I started a journal today.  Not on the computer but in a journal book.  One where I actually have to write shit down with a pen.  My plan is to carry it with me and when I feel like stuffing my face over something that has happened or that I am worried about I am going to write it down.  I need to get myself  under control and I hope this helps.  I don’t think people understand that what they say can sometimes trigger my issues, but I don’t want people to quit talking to me.

I have another extremely busy week this week.  There was a time that I didn’t mind, but with the Drama Queen living here now I can honestly say I hate coming to work.  I mean literally every single day I lay in my bed and say I should just take today off just to get away from this bitch.  Lol. But since I live off the overtime I get my ass out of bed and go.

Have I told you lately how lucky I am to have the furry children that I have?  My Lilly just turned 3 the other day.  She is such a little gift all covered in fur.  I love that she will come in and curl up and sleep on me still.  My Libby is starting to walk with her Grandma.  It’s good for both of them, but I worry just a bit that my little horse will get excited and trip Grandma, but they appear to be doing good.  Cali is still such a love.  Older than dirt but still comes up for lovins and will curl up in our laps and sleep.  Erin even though he doesn’t have fur, he has feathers, but he just loves his Dad and Grandma.  He will play with his bell for his Dad and sit in the corner of the cage to talk to Grandma.  My little blessings.  My friend has a friend with a little black kitten without a tail.  I keep on teasing David that I am going to get it and name it Moo Shu.  LOL

Next weekend we have some stuff going on.  David has a Magic Event on Friday.  There is a Craft Show on Saturday I would like to attend at Clarkston High School and we have Bunco on Saturday night.   Sunday I hope to get Erin’s cage cleaned but I have to be into work a little bit early that day so that is a big maybe.

The following week David goes to see the surgeon and I hope the neck collar comes off for good.  And if it does I can start looking at a bed base and frame and get him out of that hospital bed.  And then the beds can be pushed back together.  Which will help with space in my room and in bed.  Sharing my twin size bed with Libby and Lilly is a challenge.  Lol.

Well my friends it is time for my chatty ass to go get busy.  Enjoy your week,

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