Well it’s been a little over 2 months that Momma has been back living with us and it’s been an adjustment for us all. When she lived here last time she was zooming all over the place and other than an occasional computer issue mentally she was doing great.

Since she has been back her mobility is limited, mentally she appears to be developing the signs of memory loss. And frankly many days she is just a cranky bitch.

With that being said we love her deeply and are working to get the mobility back and get her to engage more with people on activities. It’s a trial and error process.

Working just three days a week even though I get my 40 hours heightens my anxiety, but I am trying to accept I don’t have to work every minute of everyday. Being a workaholic is pretty fucked up.

Yes there are so many other things I could tell you, but it’s almost 11pm and 4:30am is right around the corner. We will visit again soon.

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