Journaling For Self Discovery #1

  1. What does the best version of you look like? Ok my first thought is do you mean Physically or all of me (mind, body and soul). I am feeling rather tired, but I believe it’s the latter. The best version of me mentally is continuing to learn and discover new things each day. To ask questions, work my way through bullshit to the real information and grow with every lesson learned. My body doesn’t need to be perfect I have put it through hell, but healthy weight an just in good health in general would be great. To always get enough sleep so my body functions the way that it should without the pop and sugar. My Soul is always going to be my work in progress. I think we continue to grow and change as we age. The things that soothed my soul or brought out my passions at 20 are not even close to the the things I am searching for as I approach 50. My soul needs to be loved and give love. To do things that make a little bit of each day brighter. To go to bed at night thankful for the day and hope to wake up tomorrow to grow more. Does that answer the question that is being asked? I am not sure. But it feels right so what the fuck. Let’s call it a win.
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