Journal For Self Discovery #2


I think this one the answer changes depending on the day. So today listening to my heart and not my head let’s see what I come up with. The perfect day would start not waking up exhausted. To feel refreshed and ready to tackle anything that comes my way. My little house would still be clean and I wouldn’t have to wash a single piece of silverware to make breakfast. I would eat, feed my fur babies and shower for my day. I would give all my loves kisses as I left the house. I would travel the maybe 4 miles to my Cafe/rescue where I open the door to the smell of delicious pastries and coffee. I would be greet the staff that actually want to be there and love their job. I would go to the kitten room and get kitten snuggles. Then over to the senior room to get my cat snuggles. I would then sit down at my place at the counter and review adoption applications while I eat my chocolate croissant and sip my coffee. After that is done I would spend my day helping where I can and visiting with my customers.

After a great workday I would return home where I would cook a nice, but simple dinner for Ehubs and I. Eat, clean up the kitchen and then take my book out to the screened in porch to rock on my swing and read for a while. When the suns starts to set I would head into the house where I enjoy an hour or two of playtime with my fur babies before I do I quick house clean up and get ready for bed.

I would be in bed reading and relaxing with my big fluffy pillows and blankets. I would slowly begin to drift off to sleep without worry if my phone is going to ring and knowing I will get my eight hours of beauty sleep. As I ask Alexa to turn off my lights I take one final look around the cats, dog and Ehubs are fast asleep and I feel thankful.

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