So I just took a look at my blog and noticed I haven’t written in over a month. I am a mother fucking slacker. LOL. Sorry folks, I have pretty much just existing. Between work and a general lack of motivation I have basically done the minimum. I would like to tell you that it’s going to change. That I will put forth more effort, but the truth is I probably won’t.

I mean I could work my ass off keeping my house clean and everything running like a well oiled machine. But all this bullshit at work has shown me that I have a lot of 80/20 relationships when it comes to effort. It is my personality type I know. Make sure everyone is ok, do they have what they need, can I help and on and on. It is exhausting.

So I am adopting a “FISH” attitude. Are you wondering what I mean? Not the Finding Nemo kind of fish. The acronym Fuck It, Shit Happens. Yeah that works for me. I have only been on this kick for about three days. Not going to lie it is difficult to step back, but I am trying.

I have the day off. So far I have got my nails done, got the mail, cleaned the cat boxes and loaded and started the dish washer. I think now it is time for a little nap. Pre Covid I barely napped. Most people’s nap time was how much I slept for the night. But now naps are necessary as well as a little more sleep. Adopting the “FISH” attitude is allowing me to go take that nap instead of vacuuming the floor. Starting the washer or making a shopping list. Sleep is more important right now.

So my friends I will try not to stay away so long this time, but if I do remember “FISH”.

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