Staycation Post -As Promised

Goood Morning Friends. It is day three of my staycation and I am enjoying the fuck out of it. I made this big huge list of things that I want to accomplish and I am marking them off one by one. Now the list is as big as my ass (42 things) so I probably won’t get them all done, but I will accomplish as many as I can. So far I have marked off 9 of them and I am good with that.

Today I did the one set of cat boxes. I didn’t break down the Litter Bot yet because I am afraid I may break something. I prefer to wait until David can help me. I got the trash gathered, the fridge cleaned out and trash can to the road. Yeah I looked super sexy in my Crocs and my pink cat print robe. LOL! I also got the small grocery order in. This isn’t my shopping week, but I am making special desserts and we are having company. So I needed some stuff.

I decided that I am going to Vlog everyday this week. Give the YouTube world a chance to get to know me a bit. I still have no idea what I am going to talk about most days, but hey I will wing it.

I need to call my sister in law and check and see if Momma is available for a visit on Friday. I miss her and no Staycation would be complete without a visit with mom. For those of you that used to follow her on Momma’s Corner she is doing well considering she is 86 years old. To be honest I think the hip surgeries affected her cognitive abilities a little bit, but that is expected with age. Still beautiful, funny and kind.

The fur babies are scattered around the house napping. Libby is laying by my feet. Ash is in a cat tree enjoying the sun. Willow is cooling her belly on the wood kitchen floor. Onyx and Lilly are sleeping with David in the bed.

The remainder of today is going to be a combination of things. I plan to work on some more things on my list. A long shower because there is no rush today. Heading to Nails On Main for my Nails and Pedicure. Then home to get David and we are driving Erin’s cage to Fowlerville to donate to a rescue. Then if we got time tablet shopping before we go pick up groceries.

A whole day of kicking ass and taking names. I know many people want to go exotic places and drink booze with umbrellas on their vacations, but for me I am in heaven my friends. I want so badly to get my house decluttered and organized that this is awesome way to spend a vacation. Work a little and play a little. Should really figure out how to do that in daily life. BUT that is a whole other blog post. Take Care Friends.

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