Sometimes It’s Hard To Be Grateful

Some mornings I wake up, begin the day and just smile. Another day means another chance to do something good, fun or just different. Some days the dog gets in the way and I accidentally pee on the floor trying not to step on her. I begin that type off day thinking this day is going to suck.

I fully believe that if I start my day with the right attitude it can be a pretty good day. On a good day I wake up, pull the covers up on my side of the bed. Use the restroom. Head to the kitchen to pick out my coffee flavor and combine it with my favorite protein drink. I take my meds, check if I need to load or unload the dishwasher (usually both) and if I have time start some clothes. I feed my fur babies giving each of them forehead kisses (they tolerate this because I am feeding). Then if it’s a work day I get ready for work. If it’s an off day I figure out what to do next.

Then there are Negative Nancy days and the day usually goes like this. Wake up. Have to pee. Dog is excited we are waking up gets in the way. I step on a cat toy and think it’s a cat. Hit foot on table and pee myself. That sets the mood. Go out to the kitchen, but do not make any coffee, but I pour a cup of pop. I might remember my pills. I feed my fur babies (they still get kisses). I look at the dishes and the laundry and I say fuck this shit. I go back to bed. If it is a work day I wake with just enough time to leave for work. If it’s an off day I turn on Netflix and I am done for the day.

Lately there seem to be more Negative Nancy days. When the day starts off rough it’s extremely hard for me to turn it around. I think honestly I quit trying to. It is so much easier to wallow. To wake up and say I don’t feel good so I am not doing ANYTHING. For every ache and pain to mean I should give up on the day. I have been taking the easy way out.

Then one day I look down at Libby’s face. There is so much love there. I run my hand through Lilly’s fur and she mews. I look around MY HOUSE and see what I have earned and done. I realize I need to take better care of it. It meaning my life. If I wake up and accidentally pee on the floor. Put down a towel, get cleaned up and shake that shit off. If someone else’s mood is negative let it go in one ear and out the other. Hell I may even just half listen and in my head picture a hot fudge sundae. I need to focus on the the good and be grateful for them.

Sure some days are still going to be shitty (even if I don’t pee on the floor), that is just life. But that doesn’t mean that life is shitty or the next day needs to be. It means coming home, reviewing the day and deciding what can I do tomorrow to make it better. What do I have to be grateful for?

Some days I sit down to figure out what I was grateful for that day and it’s hard to find something. Or it seems like I am grateful for the same things. Great coworkers, Libby kisses, a big hug from EHubs. Two things occurred to me. 1) I need to look for the positives in EVERYDAY and be grateful no matter how shitty the day is. 2) There is nothing wrong with being grateful for the SAME THING EVERYDAY. A blessing is a blessing no matter how many times it occurs. A Libby kiss is just as wonderful today as it was yesterday. A hug from EHubs is still the best feeling even though I have been getting them for 25 years.

What kind of day are you having? What are you grateful for today? Remember we have the ability to make each day a positive or a negative one. It’s in our power to chose.

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