March Madness

I know when many people hear that term they are thinking basketball, but in my life it means the month of change. Snow melts. The beautiful yard is just a mine field of winter poop that I need to clean up. The fur babies start to shed the heavy coats and if we are lucky so do you and I.

Are we on the downward side of Covid? Will I get my shot this month? Will we be able to enjoy such things are Bunco and game night again soon?

I get three paychecks in March. Now I decide how to use them in the best possible manner to support my family. I have a vacation this month. My plan was a a trip to Scotland to visit one of my dearest friends and scratch that trip off my bucket list. Perhaps next year for my 50th Birthday.

My plans for this vacation are so very simple…rest, Netflix, some baking and some house cleaning. I would love a game day too, but who knows.

Doesn’t sound to much like Madness when I type it out. But along with that come the thoughts. What is happening at work? Is everybody ok? I could be making overtime pay and that would help with the bills. Why is my yard so uneven? What if one of the guys sprains his ankle while cutting the lawn? Is Onyx losing to much hair? I need to clean off the back porch. Are we looking like trailer trash? I would like to have dinner out, but what is safe? What if they call me to get my shot and I miss the call because I am not working. Then I won’t be able to see Mom. Maybe I should cancel my Netflix and Hulu to save money. But if I do that what would I watch on the midnight shift? I couldn’t live without my Supernatural! Maybe I shouldn’t bake it’s just an excuse to eat more. Besides that cost more money because I don’t keep all that stuff in the house. How are my brothers? Have I reached out lately? Do they need anything? Should I call? I miss my Mom. Oh yeah the one disowned me. I hope he is safe and working. How are they both feeling? Did I get our meds filled and are there any appointments coming up?

That is March Madness. Well actually that is daily madness, but you get the point. The mind goes. I want to be the best me I can be, but I feel frequently I am falling short. It is a thought pattern I must change. So this March I am going try to calm the madness so I can enjoy the little things.

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  1. Les says:

    For the record, I’m doing OK and don’t need anything. Been trying to land a PlayStation 5 before we spend all of our tax return money on other more important stuff, but otherwise things are going well. Love ya.

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