Libby Turns 4!

That’s right my beautiful girl turns 4 years old today.  The plan is a goodie from Pet Supplies Plus, a can of her favorite wet dog food and all the belly rubs she can handle!   I’m not even a dog and that sounds pretty good to me.

When Tyler died at about 13 I told myself no more dogs.  It’s to hard.  But every set of big beautiful eyes I saw and every face full of kisses I got from other people’s dog weakened my resolve.  So I went looking for a rescue, not a puppy and I was looking into pit bulls because they get such a bad wrap.  Met with one or two dogs and it didn’t work out.  Headed over to the Michigan Human Society because the website said young pit bull pups need a home.

When we got there we started looking around for the pups and this little black lab with white paws just jumped right up and said look at me!  And we did.  Love at first sight.  Born December 23rd.  The only one of her litter not to get parvo and die. Her name at MHS was Libby and we kept it because it fit.

She came home with us April 26 she was a little over 4 months old and just a little girl who wouldn’t even walk into the the pet store with us to get a new collar.  David had to push her in the cart.

Now she is game for going for bye-bye rides anytime she can.  He favorite is McDonalds because they have the best fries in her opinion.  My once little lap pup is now 63 pounds of love and kisses.

Right now as I type she is curled up in my chair napping, but occasionally opening one eye to make sure I didn’t try to sneak off to bed without her.  She is such a gift, she fills my heart with such love and I am so glad she picked us.  Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

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