Voting and other stuff

Good afternoon friends.  It has been a while since I posted.  I have been both busy and tired.  But today it felt like a writing day.  Day two of the waiting on the democratic process to decide where our country goes next.  I voted, I hope you did too.  No matter who you voted for.  We are a split household, but we have been on most political things our whole life together.  We will discuss, agree to disagree and walk away when necessary.  My hope is that no matter the outcome our country takes that same approach.

Halloween this year was a bit disappointing.  We didn’t have any trick or treaters.  Of course we didn’t have any decorations up either.  I bought a blow up for the front yard, but it didn’t work.  So we relied on the front porch light.  But I think it wasn’t enough.  We 100 bags of chips leftover.

So I have been couponing for while now.  I am stocking up on things that I use in my home while I still am getting overtime.  I am also stocking up for Christmas presents this year and donations to charities.  It’s fun to do when now that I am learning how and keeping my out of pocket cost low.

Well I am going to cut this short.  I am being distracted.  Lol will visit again soon.

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