The Problem With Declarations…

Is that once my resolve starts to waiver I start to feel like a BIG HUGE PUSSY!  A while back I took myself off Facebook I was just getting so disgusted about how many people are acting during this Presidential election.  Friends attacking friends for having different beliefs.  The press and the politicians ramming us up the ass trying to “get our vote”.  What ever happened to stating your agenda and allowing the people to decide?  I am not a Sheeple, a Snow Flake or a Fem Nazi.  I am a lady with my own thoughts and my own mind.

So I made this big declaration that I would stay off Facebook until after the election is over. Sound so awesome doesn’t it?  I even deleted the app from my phone.  But then I realized something as the days passed.  My friend lost her parent and I didn’t know for a couple of days because I am not on Facebook.  I didn’t know my friend got a baby kitty because I am not on Facebook.  My friend’s cancer has returned, but I didn’t know because I wasn’t on Facebook.  Facebook has become so a huge part of many of our lives (me included) that people just assume you saw their post and know what is happening.

So now do I admit defeat and go back on Facebook or do I hold out until after the election?  Actually my friends I decided to COMPROMISE with myself.  I will not put the app back on my phone. I will only be able to connect on my laptop.  That means I can’t be on Facebook all day.  My Laptop stays at home on my desk so I will have to make time and effort to login.  This way I can keep up with my friends, see all the kitty and puppy photos and keep the amount of political poisoning to a minimum.

So  I guess there are a couple of lessons to be learned here. 1) Sometimes Big Declarations are  good thing, sometimes I end up looking like a pussy.  2) Friends and family are such a big part of my small world if that means keeping in touch through social media that is what I will do.

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  1. JanF says:

    I am not on Facebook and never was. I keep in touch with dozens of people in several parts of the world and it is by e mail and telephone. We have unlimited ‘phone calls for the U.S. and Canada and a refillable calling card for Europe. I do not feel I am missing out at all.

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