Sunday and the Living is easy…

Ha!  Ok so it’s not easy for anyone right now.  But as I continue on my road towards positivity I am trying to look on the bright side.  Being suck in a home with individuals who can’t be out in the community has been trying.  My coworkers are amazing and trying to cope.  I will be glad when we are given ok to resume regular activities.

Took The Wonder Twins to see Dr. Cory and the rest of our friends at Donaldson Animal Hospital.  The Dr. said that they are doing well.  They are good weights, got their shots and had blood draw for labs.  The the only thing they had were some ear mites, but we have medicine coming for that.

Yesterday I went to Aldi to get David the onions and coffee filters, but came out $55  lighter.  I found a amazing small pork roast Marinating in a BBQ sauce. That is going to be awesome with Mashed Potatoes and a vegetables.

Today when I get home I need to get Erin’s cage clean.  That is my big project for the day.  I also need to deep clean the bathroom.  Maybe I will attempt that too.  If not today, then tomorrow.

So any big plans for  the week?  For us it’s the same old shit on a different day.  But I will do my best to keep my positive attitude.


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