The Wonder Twins!

This time I am not talking about my boobs! LOL.  My boobs haven’t been that good in years.  I am talking about our kittens.  I was calling them the Littles, but that confused Lilly because her nickname is Little Bit.  So I have decided on calling them the Wonder Twins.  Which if you are a comic nerd or are close to my age watched and Saturday morning cartoons you know who that is.  It seemed fitting for my little boy and girl.

Above  The Wonder Twins are six weeks old.  Still like to cuddle and be Momma’s babies.  Willow has the green collar.

The second picture the twins are 10.5 weeks old and just started playing on the cat trees.  Not into cuddling right now,  I try and they are like Mom let me go.  LOL.

On Friday since the restrictions have been lifted they will be going in for their exam and shots.  At that time I will ask Dr. Corey a bunch of questions and get dates for the next round of shots and when they will be fixed and microchipped.

I am being asked about how I am doing with all of this and when I say I am doing ok people kind of give me an look like they don’t believe me.  But I am doing ok.  I am tired, of course I am. Other than that I feel like I am being a Rock Star in less than Ideal Conditions.  So here is me.  How I look right now.  Ready?

Some weight gain and in need of a hair appointment, but aren’t most people dealing with that?  Will I be happy when I slow down a bit?  The answer is yes and no.  Workaholics love to work.  We love the security of it. When I slow down I love the time with my family , but I worry about money and the what if’s of life.

So what else can I tell you?  Onyx had his 2nd Birthday.  I wasn’t there that day, but spoiled him the next day with canned food and toys.  I always have toys laying around because everytime I go to the pet store I buy them all a present.  Are the spoiled? Hell yes they are.

Libby’s nails are so long she can give Freddie Krueger a run for his money.  She has an appointment a week from tomorrow for her nails and to get her shots.  I know the Doc is going to say something about her weight.  David and I give to many treats.  We need to remember she doesn’t need them and they won’t help her live a long and healthy life.

Well I think I will go read the Sunday paper.  The Little Darlings are relaxing in their rooms for now.  Have a safe week friends.

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