Looking At The Positives

Happy Saturday friends.  Not sure what day we are on of this Covid Mess.  But what I can tell you is that is the same number of days it’s been since I have had a day off.  Except when I took David to the hospital for a non Covid issue.  I can assure you that wasn’t a vacation.  So I am feeling extremely tired and my body hurts.  BUT that is all the bitching I am going to do about that.

Let’s talk about my blessings!  I have a Soulmate at home who is keeping my furbabies safe and happy while I am working all these hours.  Who listens when I come home ready to quit and NEVER go back again.  Who makes sandwiches exactly the way I like them even when he thinks it’s weird.   Who always gives me the strength to get up when my body and my mind say enough.

My Momma- I miss her so.  I can’t wait until I get myself a big Momma hug and a smile.  Being away from the woman who has been my best friend most of my life sucks.

My family- Brothers, In Laws and honorary siblings.  I miss being able to have a meal.  To be able to go to birthday parties of my great nieces and nephews.  To hug my mother in law.  To sit outside at the BBQ’s and chat with my family. Soon I can be there with them and I will never take it for granted again.

My C0-workers- These are the most amazing ladies ever.  They work hard, show up on time.  Do as asked, care about each other.  And are being amazing during what is a very difficult time. I wouldn’t trade them.  I need their laughter every day.

My friends- In real life and on social media.  They keep me smiling, check to make sure I am ok and share a little of their lives with me daily.

My Furbabies- My oldest who is 22 to my youngest who are both 9 weeks old.  Unconditional love, with waggie butt, purrs, tweets and licking tongues. I would work 4 jobs to make sure they have everything that they need.

In a time when we could be focusing on all the negatives and man there are a lot of those.  I am taking time each day to focus on the positives.  Hoping one day soon we can go back to seeing our love ones again and doing the things that we love.

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3 Responses to Looking At The Positives

  1. Shane Majesky says:

    Me too! Miss my family and friends. Miss camping and bonfires. Wish I would have visited your Mom when she came home before this got bad but was a little concerned about regular flue season being she just had surgery. We say those things about taking things for granted but I think we just get so caught up in everyday live and making a living when we have time we are dead tired and just want to relax. I hate talking on a cell phone since I got rid of the house phone I hate making phone calls. I wish they made a shell for cellphones so you could lean it against your shoulder and talk like you could on an old fashioned phone. Don’t like the wireless crap. Take Care!

  2. Mary B. Axsom says:

    We will get back to normal.

  3. Dar says:

    Can’t wait to see my honorary (adopted) family!!
    I miss you ALL so much!!

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