Who Is That Masked Woman?

It’s me!  Yep and I am more than happy to do it.  Is it hot?  Yes and it fogs up my glasses.  Are the bands uncomfortable around my ears? Yep and I have sensitive skin so I am getting red marks.  Do people find it hard to understand me?  Yep, I repeat myself a lot and doing so drys out my mouth.  See I sure can bitch about it, but what good is that going to do?  If it is what is required of me to do for my job and the health of my love ones it WILL be done.  I guess that is why I am having such a hard time with people bitching about having to follow protocols put in place to save lives.

I have been watching and reading the news a lot lately.  I can’t even fathom working in the horrid circumstances that hospital employees are working in.  My boss and I have been talking about if we can figure out how to get men back from space after a malfunction can’t someone figure out how we can help make PPE for health care workers?

Look I am not a smart woman.  I am of average intelligence, but give me a list of supplies, a pattern and I will figure out how to make the things that are necessary.  My staff and I have reupholstered a sofa using dollar store duct tape.  I used shower curtains to make a wrap when bed bugs were in the group home because they thought I was a great snack.  We could help, but we need guidelines.

I know that professional gowns made for from manufacturers is best, but we saw the footage of healthcare professionals wearing trash bags.  We certainly can do  better than that.

What if retired doctors, nurses and all the smart people would brainstorm some guidelines for us then we could do the labor.  I sew a little, I duct tape like a fucking rock star and I am sure there are others who would be willing to help.  I know they say we are doing our part by following CDC guidelines, but each time I see that hospital footage I want to do more.


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  1. Kathleen M Gribble says:

    A friends niece is a nurse here in Livingston Co. She asked her aunt to make mask. The CDC has loosened the regulations for facilities that can’t get the appropriate supplies. So I sewed mask, but believe it or not I had to adopt elastic hair bands for the mask. Elastic was short in supply all over this area. Wow

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