Saturday Morning Odds & Ends

It’s Saturday morning and the best I got right now is that I am awake.  The laundry is spinning due to an upset tummy last night.  I have decided I don’t like that HP washers.  I don’t feel they clean as well as my regular washer at home.  Just personal choice I guess.

So how are things?  Do you have enough toilet paper? Are the kids out of school there like they are here?  I feel so bad.  So many kids here rely on school for free breakfast and lunches.  I hope the powers that be  find a way to assist them.

My Little Darlings’ workshop is closed for the next two weeks.  We haven’t told them yet because the outburst and carrying on that we can expect doesn’t need to spoil the weekend.  I will tell them Sunday evening.

Today I have to make the decision of do I take them out in the community for an outing or do I have them stay home and deal with the issues that brings.  Right now I am leaning towards going out a trip to the local Kroger for a needed item or two and then drive thru McDonalds for lunch.

Workshop closing down will add to my overtime and since I still have some hefty medical bills I will take it.

This week the new staff start which is always an adjustment.  The one I have already worked with I feel good about.  I am hoping for the same results with the staff that comes in today.

St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner and I didn’t get the decorations out.  I plan on getting the Easter ones up.  But with two 76 hour work weeks heading my way it may not happen.

My fur babies are doing great.  Even with as busy as my days get my fluffs make sure I get a little love.  Usually they curl up with me at bedtime for head rubs before I fall asleep.  I just got to not let myself get so busy that I miss out.

Well the laundry has quit spinning so it’s time to get busy.  Have a fantastic week and stay safe.

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