March? Already?

When did that happen?  I mean don’t get me wrong it means we are closer to warm weather and sunshine, but I haven’t won the lottery yet or even organized my backroom like I have been planning for months!

Soon people will be walking around in shorts.  Razor sales will increase because women will shave more than just their ankles.  Sunscreen will replace the smell of vapor rub.

March means cleaning up the dog shit that accumulated under the winter snow.  With Libby’s assistance of course because she needs to sniff the piles before they are picked up.  Puppy quality control and all.

March also means St Patrick’s Day and looking at Pinterest for yummy meal and dessert ideas.  Irish cream is not just for coffee anymore.

Been thinking move about my CELLO rescue and all I want to do.  Ok maybe more like daydreaming.  There is an old Big Boy by my house that I would love to buy (with my lottery money LOL) and I would turn that into the CELLO Rescue Cafe and my main office.  I would use both of the sun rooms as Kitten and Cat play areas.  Come in for a Coffee, scone and love on a kitty or cat up for adoption.  I would ask recues to bring their babies for play days and hopefully help more fur babies get adopted.  I would have my friend Chris be in charge of my landscaping if he wanted because he is awesome.  I would hire my buddy Cedric to take the pictures for the advertising and adoption portfolios if he would be interested.  I would have a little area where local crafts people can display and sell their kitty toys and treats.  I would either hire a baker or I may just buy from local businesses.  Most important every single staff has to be an animal lover.

AND when that is all up and running I will open up one for puppies and dogs!  Because I am an equal opportunity animal lover.  Lol

Well me and my daydreaming ass had better get back to work.  Have a great day and hopefully we will have the fantastic weekend weather the meteorologists keep talking about.

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