Hot Toddy Lightweight

It’s a cold Saturday morning and my Little Darling is still battling her cold.  While she is doing that I am battling not to get it.  I fear that I am losing the battle.  Yesterday I came home with a sore throat and the start of a runny nose.  By 9PM I was feeling like absolute shit, but couldn’t sleep because of the desire to cough.

Usually when that happens I would down a larger than prescribed dose of Nyquil and pass out.  I haven’t restocked since the last time we were sick and funds are short so that didn’t happen.  David suggested a Hot Toddy might help, but I brushed him off.  11PM I was still awake and cranky so I agreed to try his home remedy.  David brought me a mug of tea with a touch of orange juice and a little rum (not even a half of shot he assured me).  The mug was warm and felt wonderful in my hand.  When it cooled down enough to have a drink I could actually feel it warming up my body.

For those that don’t know before my surgery I could drink like a rock star.  Two Long Islands, Three French Whores and Two Red Headed Sluts was what I could handle.  After that I was throwing up in the bushes.  But I wasn’t even halfway done with my Hot Toddy when my face got all warm and I was feeling no pain.  I should have stopped there like David Suggested, but I felt good and I wasn’t coughing.  I gave him the pouty face and he said one more sip.

Between you and I my friends it ended up been more like a swig.  As David took my mug back to the kitchen I just started cracking the fuck up.  My cat looked at my like what hell Mom?  My dog kept trying to lick my face.  I think to see if I was ok.  By the time David got back to the bedroom tears were rolling down my face and I had to pee.  I don’t think I was  drunk after my half of a Hot Toddy, but I sure wouldn’t have been able to operate heavy machinery.

When the laughter calmed down David tucked me into bed and said, “Good night Lightweight.”  That’s right I am officially a light weight now. Other than a Jello Shot or two a year ago I haven’t had any alcohol in three and a half years.  I think it will be quite a while before I do again.  I think I will stick to hot tea and honey.  Lightweight, yeah I am good with that.

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