The Wolf…

I don’t know about you, but The Wolf is at my door.  It’s nerve wracking to me.  I have a huge thing about falling behind on my bills even if it’s temporary.  So I have decided to look for some overtime or a second job and work when I can.  There are some serious medical bills to deal with.  I will be tired as hell, but I refuse to stay behind.

We are already half way through January and I must say it’s going by quicker then I thought it would.  I am doing pretty good health wise (you bet your ass I just knocked on wood).  So that is a plus.

I think as I age I enjoy the simple things about my life more.  I love watching tv at home in the living room curled up with the fur babies and my Soulmate.  The joys of cooking dinner which I used to hate.  Walking into my kitchen and saying yes this feels right.  Doing laundry and sitting on the bed folding it as I watch Netflix.  My 20 year old self would never believe the simplest things are bliss.

So Valentine’s Day is right around the corner.  I don’t give a shit if it is a hallmark holiday.  They have a few awesome cards at Kroger that I am looking  at for my coworkers and they come with chocolate.  Lol  Not to mention the flowers!  I love getting flowers.  Doesn’t even have to be expensive ones.

Coupons!  Yes I bought a Sunday paper and I will be going on before I do the little bit of grocery shopping I can do.  I do a lot of shopping at Aldi, but if Kroger or another store has a deal I can’t pass up for my job or family then I will make the trip.  There is nothing wrong with a little savings.

Got to see my Momma yesterday.  We went to Sam’s Club and Walmart and I think we both got worn out.  Lol.  She did pick up a couple of tops.  I hope she likes them they are pretty.

Ok time to go get busy!  Have a great evening my beautiful friends.

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