Money Is As Tight As A Puckered Asshole

Yes I said that yesterday to a friend when they asked if I wanted to out yesterday.  LOL  She looked at me like she wasn’t sure what to say.  You can tell she hasn’t known me very long or that wouldn’t have surprised her.  BUT it gave me a giggle!

Gooood Sunday morning my friends.  It is a clear Sunday morning here in Oxford.  A little cold, but certainly nothing we Michiganders can’t handle.  I am at work and my Little Darling is working on her scrapbooking.  Soon we will be doing a little grocery shopping  to start off the work week on the right foot (well her work week lol).

The house smells strongly of onions because I just cut them up for homemade beef stew.  I hope as the stew cooks in the crock pot that smell is replaced by the spices.  Onion smell is seriously yucky. I got  a simple but interesting recipe from Pinterest.

Tomorrow I am headed down to Westland to visit with my Momma and family.  My sister in law keeps me up to date of her progress which is awesome.  I don’t worry about her as much as I used since she is there.  We have an appointment and then I don’t know what we are going to do.  I am up for anything.

Well friends going to get some things done around here and then head out to the store.  Have a fantastic day!

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