First Day of 2020 and Walmart

Yes friends that is right in roughly three hours I will be going to Walmart on the very first day of the New Year.  Pray for me please!  Lol!  No seriously at work we are running low on a few items and I have a gift card to use up.  Not to mention it is good exercise for my oldest darling and I and it will take a chunk out of the sixteen hour day.

I have a shopping list and a menu to make up and so what am I doing?  Playing on the computer.  Can we say avoidance technique?  You know I don’t mind shopping as much as I used to.  I used to be concerned that people were staring and judging what the fat chick was buying.  Does that surprise you?  I mean I come off as all I GOT THIS STRONG, but most of the time underneath it’s more let me hold on.  BUT then the day came when I realized most people are just trying to hang on.  So now I walk through the store offering people smiles and greetings.  Especially the older people because I don’t know how many smiles they actually get to see in a day.  This helps me too, I stopped worrying about what people think.  What is that saying…”Other people’s opinion of you is not your concern.”

So I have decided this year I would like to go on date night twice a month on payday.  There are a few places I have been wanting to visit and when I drive by I say one day I would like to eat there or hey wouldn’t it be great to take a class in that.  One day is now and I need to start living more like that.

Well it’s time to shift gears and head to Pinterest. I need to find a crockpot beef stew recipe, make that menu and shopping List.  Have a great first day of 2020 my beautiful friends.

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  1. Shirley says:

    I had to go to Walmart this afternoon for bubble wrap to put away the Christmas decorations. Shopping there on New Years Day wasn’t half bad. I guess the crowd was there the day after Christmas, looking for bargains. Best wishes for a happy New Year. Give your mom my regards and hope to see her back to blogging soon.

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