Good evening friends and Family.  I hope you are all doing well.  Lately I have started listening to audiobooks in the car.  Right now I am listening to HOW TO STOP FEELING LIKE SHIT  by Andrea Owen. I have to tell you guys I am loving this book.  The Title tells it all.  It talks about all the things we do or allow to be done to us that make us feel like shit.  In today’s chapter she was talking about people that are extremely hard on themselves when they fuck up (me).  It doesn’t matter if it is a little fuck up or a big fuck up (me again). Whether it was done on purpose or a mistake (soo me).  She talked about AFGO  I can’t remember if she made it up or learned from someone else, but I heard it from her.  When I fuck up instead of filling my head with negative talk (I am so fucking stupid!  How do I even remember to breath?) I am to say AFGO which means Another Fucking Growth Opportunity.  Instead of mentally beating the shit out of myself I say ok I fucked up.  How do I grow from it?  Definitely easier said than done.  BUT once I start doing it more and more instead of beating myself up it will become the healthier habit.

The book is geared to women, but I think guys could get stuff out of it too if they are inclined.  I am not saying it’s going to change me into a whole new woman, but as I change (which I feel I am) I want those changes to be positive for me and those around me.  Hell yes I can be evil, self centered and at times scary, but I don’t want to be.  I chose somewhere within the last couple of years to start doing things differently and I have.  Some shit is harder to deal with than others.  Taking the baby steps forward and trying to acquire the skills to make these changes is helping.  But as we all know the journey never ends we just hope with each step we become better.

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