A Rare Free Day

Tomorrow I have the day free and I am planning on cooking a homemade dinner and dessert AT HOME.  A chicken ranch potato casserole with a vegetable side.  Dessert will be a crockpot apple pudding.  I am kind of excited, but freshly squeezing oranges and peeling apples worries me because I am not that handy in the kitchen.  But what the heck lets try.

The other thing I need to do is gather up the summer outside decorations and get the put away for the winter.  It’s past time to do that.

Then a water change for the fish tank should be the end of my chores.  We have more Fries coming so the water change might mean more little ones survive.  I have three very pregnant platies.  I have four little Babies which is kind of cool.

I also have to prep for Mom’s doctor appointment and David’s DHS appointment both are on Monday.  I am looking forward to see my mom.  It’s been two week and that sucks.  But knowing she is somewhere safe makes it easier.

Well time to go make my shopping list.  Have a great night.

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