Busy Week

Good Saturday morning.  It’s a beautiful day and I am feeling ok.

Been a strange couple of days.  Yesterday was our company picnic.  We got there and everyone was gone except the big boss, the second in command and the miracle worker of the office.  But they were kind enough to wait for us.  My Little Darlings ate and visited a bit.  The wind blew, the thunder boomed and it rained but we were under the pavilion.  They sent us home with a shit ton of food.

Wednesday I spent the day with my mom at the ER.  She took a dive and bruised some ribs.  But with a little rest she should be good as new.

Monday I spent the day with my mom. We ran some errands and went to the movies where we saw the remake of THE LION KING. A good day.

Thursday I took 20 cans of cat food, four gently used harnesses, two boxes of Milk Bones treats, one big container of kitty treats and some cat toys and donated them to the Michigan Animal Rescue League.  Does my heart good.

Haven’t been on Facebook in two plus weeks.  I never realized how much my life revolved around it.  Sad to say.  But I am doing more in the real world.

Well it’s time to get busy.  Have a great weekend.

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    ygu also

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