Good Saturday morning.  I hope you are all enjoying it.  I’m at work (shh don’t tell anyone).  It’s been an extremely laid back morning so far.

Tonight is bunco and the plan was to have my family over for dinner before and then go.  But I mixed up my dates as far as paydays go so the money just wasn’t there.  But my family offered to bring dinner because they are such amazing people.  So it’s still on.  And a quick trip to turn in some coin and bunco is paid for.  Maybe not ideal but it’s about being with those you love.  And that’s exactly what will happen.

Yesterday I was going to to do the overdue household chores, but the unexpected midnight shift wore me down so I rested and it was joyous.  I watched Games of Thrones with David watching some of it with me.  My girls and boy took turns curling up with me.

I read somewhere about ways to entertain your dog while you work on things they really want to “help” with.  I love my girl, but Libby can be like a bull in a China store. Lol.  So anyway you take a Long stuff it with soft dog food and freeze it.  It works!  It gave me about 30 minutes of time.

When mom moved out Cali’s favorite napping place went with her.  I began looking and read about these fluffy ball beds.  I bought one for Cali but it’s not her thing.  But it is Lilly’s and so she enjoys the bed and Cali sleeps on the couch.

So my friends everyday we are learning something new and isn’t that what life is all about.

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  1. Cynthia C Axsom says:

    True indeed and that is what life is all about —learning.

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