Day 3

Day 3 I woke up feeling a little better.  I am sitting here attached to what I fondly call my automatic drip.    A beautiful older frail woman sits next to me named Molly.  She is about my mother’s age I would guess.  She wears a scarf around her head.  Always a beautiful color or colors.

While I am on day three and my final day this is her every day.  Kidney failure.  She doesn’t talk a lot but the one thing she says to everyone is get your rest and listen to the the God damn doctor!

Love her.  Blunt people are my people.  She says she can tell I am a worrier.  I check my phone, my calendar,  I make appointments when I should be resting.  “Find yourself a good therapist honey,” she says to me.  “You can’t save the world.”

I just told her I was writing about her.  She said, ” Of course you are I am a fucking vision” Lol.

Maybe this happened so I would meet this lady.  Maybe this was my warning sign.  Slow down bitch you can’t do it all type of deal.

Molly’s husband has arrived.  “Come on Molls”, he says “let’s blow this pop stand and find turkey sandwich.”

I have 30 more minutes because I got here late.  Think that’s just enough for a quick nap.

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