47 So Far…

Hasn’t gone as well as I had hoped.  A rough 3AM start on my birthday set the tone I think.

I smiled through the day and enjoyed the blessings I had before me.  I went to bed in a little pain, but thought when I wake up tomorrow will be better.

Tomorrow wasn’t better.  Tomorrow the pain got worse and I took myself in to be looked at.  A kidney infection and a gall bladder infection.  Treatment began right away.

I come home exhausted and the fun really begins.  So I rest  woke up this morning to continue what the doctor ordered. And that means more rest.

Life continues on and I got to tell you I don’t know what to do.

Tomorrow is day three of doing what the doctor says and another day of rest.

What then?  How should 47 go?  How can I help? What do I do to make life better?

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