Big Decisions Made

Well after a week of going back and forth about my job and insurance I finally made my decisions.  I will be staying at my job for at least the next four months so I can lose my regained weight and I hope 20 more pounds after that.  So that meant finding a new doctor and getting the insurance paperwork done.  So here I sat with eight names.  I narrowed it down to two and when I did my final web search I found one isn’t accepting new patients.  That helped and I am happy with my choice.  I also have two ob/gyn that I am going to investigate in the near future.

In four months I will reevaluate my circumstances and see where to go from there.  With these big decisions made I am feeling better.  I have a goal in mind and since I am a chicken shit about change this will give me time to get used to the changes as they come.

Also in 142 days I will be completing the 5K Redo.  I bailed out last July, I was supposed to do The Color Run/Walk.  Between David’s surgery and my own emotional eating I wasn’t prepared.  I feel like I need to do this to regain a little self-control and self-esteem.

Well it’s time to get busy.  Have a great night.

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  1. Mary B. Axsom says:

    Keep up the attitude and you are bound to win. You know I’m right behind you and will help where ever I can. Love you!

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