1:30pm Do You Know Where Cindy Is?

The normal response is usually work.  Today I am in my bed with a serious sciatica pain.  Which I would normally handle with a pain pill and muscle relaxer and go about my day.  However a recent kidney issue makes that not a possible solution.  So rest and warmth will have to do.

Which sucks because I wanted to beat my mom’s ass at cards again today (it would be three times in a row😀).  Maybe make some yummy Mac and cheese.  Get some stuff done around the house and fart without wanting to die. Lol

Libby and Onyx are keeping me company so that is a good thing.  Nothing like warm little bodies and cold noses to make a girl feel loved.

Even with the pain and the downtime I still feel blessed.  Pain  let’s me know I am alive even though I could use less of it.  And I have a place that is safe and warm to recover.  And  most importantly people and furbabies who love me.

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