Super What?

There are a lot of phrases where the word Super has become familiar to me.  Super size my drink, my ass is super sized, Superman saves the world and my favorite just the sarcastic use of super when it truly isn’t.  Superbowl on the other hand doesn’t mean jack shit to me.  I know it’s an American tradition, blah, blah, and blah.  It’s also a chance for businesses to spend a shit ton on advertising and players to make enough in one game to keep you and I fed, clothed and healthy for a long time.  Imagine if even  half that money went back to the American people.  Veterans, homeless, disabled and just struggling people.  I would become a fan in a hot minute.  I would learn about punts, passes and ground work like a mother fucking pro.

Until that day happens Superbowl is just another Sunday.  A day where I work because I have to pay the bills and people to care for.

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  1. Mary B. Axsom says:

    So it is the Super Bowl Sunday Wow! At this stage of the game it means nothing to me. What means something is the sun is shining and I’m still on the right side of the grass!

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