So I Don’t Know About You…

But I am sick of this weather.  I don’t mind the snow and cold it’s Michigan so of course it is expected.  But the lack of sunlight has been depressing and makes me crankier than usual.

Right now the sun is out so every few minutes I am standing in front of the large window soaking up my vitamin for the day.  That plus the apple and cheese stick I am eating are both improving my mood a little at a time.

With that being said I got a couple of bees in my bonnet.  First I am having a hard time dealing with rude people in customer service.  Whatever happened to manners people?  Please and thank you go a long way in getting return business.  Also just common courtesy is always a good thing.  I took my mother who is in her 80’s for a hair cut.  We walked into the salon and stood there waiting, waiting and waiting.  Finally the lady comes out from the back room and says, “Hi need a haircut?”  You know what would have been nice?  If when she came out of the backroom she said something like sorry to keep you waiting how can I help you?  Hell I would have settled sorry you had to wait I had to pee.  Acknowledging our time is valuable goes a long way to make people want to come back.

The other thing that has been on my mind that people appear to be mistaking my kindness for weakness.  I don’t mind helping other people, but I do mind when people take advantage of my kindness.  I work a lot, sleep very little and take care of many.  So when people aren’t doing their part to make things run smoothly is pisses me off.   Unfortunately it’s been a regular occurence lately.

So I have decided to make honey out of the situation.  I am going to educate by  example.  Remembering my manners and being considerate of those around me.  Of course there are a few where this won’t work, for some I may just have to yell. LOL  I am good at that too.

Well time to go soak in more sun!  Have a great day.


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  1. Mary B. Axsom says:

    you act the way is best to handle the situation. If you have to yell then yell.

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