Saturday Off Day

Good Saturday morning my friends.  It’s a little after 9 am and  I am dressed for the day.  We were going to the 10am showing of Aquaman, but the family is either sleeping or in their jammies still.  Which is fine.  Some days roll like that.  I have other things that I can do this morning.  Or I can start motivating everybody to get moving and make it to the 11am show.

We are on the final days of 2018 and I am not sad to see it go.  It was a bit of a struggle this year.  Money, health concerns, relationships, but it was also a year for growth.  AND I am not talking about what happened to my ass.  I learn more and more about myself each year.

The question am I making any New Year’s Resolutions has already been brought up.  The answer is no.  This year I am just trying to do better.  Maybe not your idea of better or society’s idea of better.  Just my idea of better.

Well no movie today so the day is wide open.  Not sure what to do with it now.  I get so few days off like this. But I will figure something out.


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