Christmas Morning

Merry Christmas my friends!  It’s almost 8:30 AM.  Me and the furbabies are the only ones up.  Momma got up to pee while we were all awake, snuggling in bed, but she went back to bed.  This gives me a few minutes to chat with you.

So we got up and after the potty breaks the kitties and the puppy were fed.  The laundry is spinning and I am snacking on some cheese. The plan for today is to get dressed and go see my Daddy, Mom and Paul Markell.  I may even swing by and say Merry Christmas to Mrs. Murphy and Bill.  Yes I know many will say why do you do that, they are gone and we could have a big metaphysical discussion.  Here is the truth I just fucking miss them.  So on Birthdays, Anniversaries and Christmas I take a flower or two to say hello, maybe shed a tear if I need to and remember how extremely lucky I have been to be loved by them.

After that it is Christmas with the Gokey family.  We do Secret Santa now because there are so many of us and that is cool.  I love the gift I picked out and I hope my person does too. David has an awesome gift for his person too.  You know after the divorce the Gokey family had every right to dismiss me, but they didn’t and it feels good that one piece of paper didn’t change that.  Sometimes I feel bad for David he didn’t get the same result with all of my family.  Which is kind of funny my family is supposed to be the most liberal.

After that it’s back to the casa for some home time.  Maybe some video games or if Momma is up for is a game of Rummy.  It would be good to kick her and David’s ass on Christmas.

So we are getting to that age more and more of our friends are losing loved ones and the first Christmas is always the hardest.  My Daddy passed in July when Christmas Eve came all of a sudden WOOSH, it was like he had just past all over again.  Cry when you need to my friends.  I don’t give a fuck if you are in the store or in the car.  It’s good to cry and get that shit out.  BUT also try to remember  at least one thing that made you smile after.  For me that is usually my Daddy wearing his suspenders to keep his pants up with no shirt with the buddha belly hanging out.  Makes me smile every time.

Well my friends it’s time for a shower and to get on the road. Have a Safe and Merry Christmas from me and my family.

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  1. Mary B. Axsom says:

    A beautiful message and really heart felt. Have a great day. Love you

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