A Loud Clatter

In The Night Before Christmas  the  author arose from him bed to see what was the matter.   But I know what made the loud Clatter and it wasn’t reindeer.  It was Onyx getting tangled in a lamp cord.  But it was just loud enough to wake Libby, David and I.  Which meant EVERYBODY had to get up to pee.

Now I am laying back in bed and hoping to tire out enough for a bit more sleep.  Been experiencing some side pains which are not fun.  So hoping a little extra rest helps.

So how are things in your world?  Christmas is sneaking up on us.  Are you ready?  My feeling on Christmas this year is basically I could take it or leave it.  I think because my attempts at Christmas Joy have been big old duds.    But maybe it will turn around.

Started writing again.  Nothing serious or deep.  Just ideas of things I would like to do, try or accomplish in my life.  Sometimes I let myself get bogged down with other people’s drama and I quit doing for me.  Got stop that.

Well I think I will try for that extra hour or so of rest.  Take care Friends.


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  1. Mary B. Axsom says:

    It seems to me someone said you need to write so do it!

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