Thanksgiving Plan?

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and for many  that means family, food and celebration.  For me this year I will be working which is ok.  As long as I have Halloween and Christmas Eve off the other holidays I will work.

So I have been thinking how do I want to do thanksgiving?  No big meal needs to be made, but still I would like to do a little something.  Maybe a Cornish hen?  Some Mashed potatoes ?  Maybe a little homemade dessert?  Maybe not.

I find myself drawn to the idea of just letting it pass on by.  Nothing really wrong with that.  I can make a turkey sandwich and call it a day.

Another option is a day after Thanksgiving dinner…but then more work and well I hate cooking anyway.  So an unlikely scenario.

I could also do a Thanksgiving Breakfast for my family.  But since one sleeps late and the other  barely eats that too could be a little much.

It’s still a week away.  Maybe something will end up tickling my fancy.  If not Christmas is right round the corner. LOL

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  1. Mary B. Axsom says:

    We are a beal mixed up family to try and figure something out to please everyone but hey we do are best.

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