No Bifocals and The Birdcage is Clean

Today has been a busy day. It started with an eyeglass appointment, where I said no to bifocals and went with readers.  Cheaper and I think a better choice for me.

After that Momma and I went to get haircuts.  So we are all cleaned up like shiny pennies.

Then home where I cleaned Erin’s messy bird-cage.  That was a trip.  It’s beautiful now, but it won’t be.  I love the hell out of him, but he is a dirty bird.

Right now I am the only human awake.   Mom and David are resting.  Libby is sleeping by the chair and Lilly is laying down with Momma.

Well the election is done and we are blue state and hopefully on to bigger and better things.  All three proposals past and the only thing that I am sad about is voter turn out in my area.  Pontiac had the lowest voter turn out in Oakland County.  They said between 10-20%.  I wonder why?  I heard people said they didn’t know who was running, I heard some people didn’t have transportation and my least favorite reason was they felt their vote didn’t matter anyway.    Kind of sad actually we are leaving our decisions in the hands of a few.  Wouldn’t it be great if more would get involved.  Maybe as a community we need to get more information to the individuals, get some transport for those in need and convince those who think that they don’t matter that they do.

Well my back is starting to ache and so I am going to say see ya later!  Have a great night.

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  1. Mary B. Axsom says:

    I agree on the vote matter. The do count but we must do it to make it matter. The cage looks great but it is a job to keep it looking that way. I have tried wiping up every mess but it eventually gets away from ne.

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