Six Days and Counting

In six days my life is going to get so much better.  Six days and one little change will help so much.  Just about a year ago an individual came into my life and it has been battle after battle ever since.  I find I overeat, I stay tired and emotionally drained all the time.  And the biggest part is watching other people around me deal with this person and he/she is worse with them.  So in six days this person becomes a memory and the people I love will be able to heal a bit emotionally.

This week I do not have a single day off.  But that is ok.  I will still rock this week.  We have some decorating to do.    Well I must go now.  I have a busy, busy day tomorrow.  Have a great night.

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  1. Mary B. Axsom says:

    Yes The boxes in our living room await our attention!

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