Butt Hurt

Yes it is an interesting title, but it’s what I am dealing with the most right now.  Not actual physical Pan in my butt.  But the daily dealings of other people’s emotions and feelings.  Butt Hurt is when an individual is upset about something and either withdraws or interacts but with an attitude about something.  Now the person this is directed at is supposed to know or a least notice enough to ask what is wrong.  You with me so far?

As a person who deals with numerous people in many different settings I appear to cause Butt Hurt frequently.  And in the past I would go through and try to solve or smooth over whatever the issue is.  BUT (the other kind this time) this week  I realized I spend a lot of time and emotional eating doing this. Which seems like bullshit to me.  So I am going to wait to those with issues either get over it or come to me.  Their drama, their waded panties or flying monkeys.  Whatever phrase works for them.

My biggest drama moves in 7 days after a minor set back.  My other drama I am handling on my own without the Butt Hurts.  So I am expecting others to do the same.  Somewhere along the lines we became a society where we expect our minds read and our problems solved.  That’s not how it works people.

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