Is It Fall?

Yesterday was officially the first day of fall.  In Michigan that doesn’t mean a whole lot.  One minute it’s cool, tomorrow it could be 80 degrees or it could be snowing.  That is the joy of The Great Lake State.

At work the staff already have up the Halloween and some Thanksgiving decorations.  I guess we are decorating for Hallowgiving.  Lol

So I started a journal today.  Not on the computer but in a journal book.  One where I actually have to write shit down with a pen.  My plan is to carry it with me and when I feel like stuffing my face over something that has happened or that I am worried about I am going to write it down.  I need to get myself  under control and I hope this helps.  I don’t think people understand that what they say can sometimes trigger my issues, but I don’t want people to quit talking to me.

I have another extremely busy week this week.  There was a time that I didn’t mind, but with the Drama Queen living here now I can honestly say I hate coming to work.  I mean literally every single day I lay in my bed and say I should just take today off just to get away from this bitch.  Lol. But since I live off the overtime I get my ass out of bed and go.

Have I told you lately how lucky I am to have the furry children that I have?  My Lilly just turned 3 the other day.  She is such a little gift all covered in fur.  I love that she will come in and curl up and sleep on me still.  My Libby is starting to walk with her Grandma.  It’s good for both of them, but I worry just a bit that my little horse will get excited and trip Grandma, but they appear to be doing good.  Cali is still such a love.  Older than dirt but still comes up for lovins and will curl up in our laps and sleep.  Erin even though he doesn’t have fur, he has feathers, but he just loves his Dad and Grandma.  He will play with his bell for his Dad and sit in the corner of the cage to talk to Grandma.  My little blessings.  My friend has a friend with a little black kitten without a tail.  I keep on teasing David that I am going to get it and name it Moo Shu.  LOL

Next weekend we have some stuff going on.  David has a Magic Event on Friday.  There is a Craft Show on Saturday I would like to attend at Clarkston High School and we have Bunco on Saturday night.   Sunday I hope to get Erin’s cage cleaned but I have to be into work a little bit early that day so that is a big maybe.

The following week David goes to see the surgeon and I hope the neck collar comes off for good.  And if it does I can start looking at a bed base and frame and get him out of that hospital bed.  And then the beds can be pushed back together.  Which will help with space in my room and in bed.  Sharing my twin size bed with Libby and Lilly is a challenge.  Lol.

Well my friends it is time for my chatty ass to go get busy.  Enjoy your week,

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  1. Mary B. Axsom says:

    Here is hoping that the collar comes off then the attitude will be better. I think I’ll have the harness put on Libby so we can walk a little today.

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