A Few Minutes Before Bath Time

That is a phrase I use a lot at work with my residents.  Usually something like you got fifteen more minutes before bath time so make them count. Lol.  But the last three weeks I also use it at home.  It’s hard to shower in a neck brace when a person can’t twist, look down or bend over.  But I am pleased to say that David and I have gotten it down to a pretty good routine now. In the beginning I didn’t think we ever would.  But like I said it took some adjustments.  You know what the best part of giving showers at home? Not having to be all dressed.  I can shower him in my underwear.  They would frown on that work.  Lol

Speaking of work Happy Anniversary to me.  I have been at this company 15 years.  There have been good years, bad years and in between years.  But I have met some of the most amazing people during my time there.  Many have moved on to other things but are still in my heart.  I also so had some fantastic residents of the years.  Way more good than bad.  Without this job I would have never met my beloved Wart.  She is the reason I became a caregiver I am absolutely certain of that.  I met her later in my career, but no one has meant more to me.  She passed away Two years ago yesterday, but I still miss her every single day.

Well it’s almost shower time so I am going to say good night.  Sweet Dreams my beautiful friends and we will visit again soon.

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  1. Mary B. Axsom says:

    you are doing what you do best –taking care of others.

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