So much Sunshine!

I love it.  My day started early because I am working the morning shift.  Which is cool because it gives me the afternoon free.

It was a strange weekend.  Lots of stuff going on.  Met my local emergency personal when I called 911.  All very nice people.  And the overnight staff at Troy Beaumont were amazing.  I won’t go into details because it’s not my story to tell, but I will say all is good at the casa.

I am going to attempt to clean out my car today.  When I opened the backdoor for Libby to jump in it was trashed and she shouldn’t have to deal with that.

And I need to do the bird cage as well.  It’s in dire need of a cleaning and a new birdie bed.

Yesterday was one of my Little Darlings Birthday and I totally forgot.  It upsets me when I do something like that.  But we will have a little party of Monday.

Well I need to go get busy.  Enjoy this amazing day!

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