Sleep Appears To Be Overrated

So  tonight I get home and manage to get my butt in bed a reasonable time.  I look at the clock and say to myself cool I can get eight and a half hours sleep.  I pass out.  Wake up a couple of hours later because I have gotten warm.  That of course leads me to have to pee.  I pee and lay back down.  I toss and turn in my bed.  I sit up and play some games on my tablet.  Try to fall back to sleep.  Nope.

So here it is 4:30 AM  and I am still awake.  Don’t get me wrong, I have accomplished some things.  I did some banking, ordered a pair of earrings and finally ordered the photos of my nephew and his family.  I have also had 12oz of decaf coffee and mixed it with a vanilla protein shake so I don’t inhale the whole fucking fridge.

Tomorrow I take my Little Darlings to see their new home and I start shopping around for a moving company.  It’s also nail and bill paying day.  I really want to get my eyebrows and hair done but that may have to wait for another day.

My nieces going away party is Saturday.  I will go because she needs a proper send off, but the way I  am feeling right now it’s going to take a bit of work to be sociable.  I am just so fucking exhausted I just don’t even want to talk right now.  Just nod to people.

Well my baby is curled up on the floor sound asleep so I am thinking I should get us both tucked back into bed.  I can get another three hours of sleep.  Good night friends and sweet dreams.

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  1. momma says:

    I know the wake up in the middle of the night thing because it happens almost every night to me. I end up doing Fill It In puzzles or reading with a cup of coffee in hand.

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