I Am A Cow

Or that is what one guy called me at the gas station.  He was heading in as I was heading out and he just let the door close on me.  His friend caught the door and held it for me.  The guy said, “What? I don’t hold the door for Cows.”

Now there was a time when such ignorance would have made me so angry that I would have tore that kid a new asshole.  But when I look at the world around me such ignorance is just becoming a regular occurance.  It’s not even worth my time to waste my breath on a kid like that.

Besides Cow…how is that any different then Bitch, Cunt, Twatwaffle, Whore, Slut or the other thousand names I have been called over the years?  When someone calls me a bitch I say thank you.  So why give Cow a second thought?  But I did give it a second thought and a third.  And by the fourth thought I started to smile.  Cow.  Laugh a bit even.  Because that means I am strong and people want to eat me. How fitting is that. Lol  See I can turn anything into a dirty joke with a silver lining.

I have two thoughts… My first thought  is this kid is going to get his due Karma.  My other thought is one day this kid is going to call someone else a cow and get the living snot beat out of him.  Either way I am good with it.  Lol

So I am a Cow.  Moo.  LOL

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  1. momma says:

    Me too!

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