Graceful I Think Not

I  am by no means a graceful woman.  But since I have lost over a hundred pounds I am getting better.  But this morning while walking one of my residents into workshop I caught my foot in the door and down I went.

Which hurt like a son of a bitch. But the cool part was in the past I would have needed a chair, two people and a crane to get off the floor.  This time I just crawled to the wall and worked my way up.  Woo hoo!   A small victory in the weight loss journey.

Thankfully other than two sore knees and one sore shoulder I am good.  I am taking it easy today and my coworker is pulling up my slack (thank you Krishelle).

Well hopefully I can stay upright for a while.  Avoid any closing doors and floors. Wish me luck.

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  1. momma says:

    Being an expert in falling on my a** I can feel your pain. Take it easy and hopefully the pain will subside. LEt me know how you are doing. Love

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