Five Days To Go

Dancing, drinking, eating, and sex.  These are the ways that many individuals deal with depression and the blues.  For me it’s eating and Netflix marathons.  Sometimes it takes several of these sessions to get back to where I can function like a relatively  normal human being.  I am not there yet, but I am closer.

I have a vacation coming up in five days.  A vacation where the plan is to find out who the fuck I am.  Make a few decisions about what is next for me,  to get a little organization in my life and get back to the things I love like writing and reading.  I swear both of those are more difficult for me then they have ever been.  My concentration level is just shot.

I may need a med increase.  I will check into that after I am back on track with my diet habits.  But sometimes when the weather changes and the stress is greater I ask for a temporary med change to battle the blues.

Well it’s time to go.  Life is calling once again.  Places to go, people to take care of and of course decisions to be made.  Take Care Now.

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  1. momma says:

    You do what you have to do!

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