Early Morning Blessings

It’s a little before 7AM on Friday morning.  I was just up to pee and let Libby out to pee.  I debated staying up but since I seem to be permanently exhausted I decided to lay back down.

I crawled into my old bed.  The one with the hole in the mattress right where I lay and I smiled. Why?  My mattress.  Bought and paid for by me in 24 not so easy payments.  Lol

I stress a lot about money this time of year.  Pick up ALL  the available shifts and still struggle a bit, but we always make it through.  Laying here in MY bed, listening to my soulmate snore and having my puppy curled up next to me the struggle is worth it.

In the next room curled up with her very favorite furry friend is my very best friend.  Knowing she is here and not alone makes it all worth it.  Getting a morning kiss and a smile makes going to work easier.

I couldn’t imagine not having a family at home.  Without them what would my incentive be?  Each time Lilly jumps on the counter to be petted or Cali curls up on my tummy to watch TV I feel loved.

My eyes are getting heavy and puppy is making me warm and toasty.  So I think I will close now.  I can still sleep two more hours.  Goodnight Friends.


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  1. momma says:

    A wonderful post I wish I could buy you new mattress, but not this year I’m afraid. you could have mine but a twin on a king size bed would really look funny. As to money Sweetheart we all feel the same nasty pinch but we get through it!

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