Beyond Busy

Hi my friends.  Sorry it’s been a while.  I am working a lot of strange hours.  It’s a hard time right now with my boss on vacation, one staff on maternity leave and a few other changes.   But here is a picture of one of the blessings that is coming from this mess


This is Amina (I don’t know if that is how her name is spelled) she is a little love.

Along with work I have been doing a little shopping.  Some stuff to make my bedroom more comfortable and a new winter coat.  I actually was going to buy the black one, but I accidentally ordered the cranberry.  Which I love!  A very happy accident!

I am counting down the days (64) until I switch jobs.  I may have to try several different places, but I am confident I will find a new work family.

Two more days until Halloween and it’s my first Halloween in a long time that I haven’t been home to celebrate with my family.  I am a tad disappointed.  This is my special holiday.  I am praying with the new career this will be the last one I miss for a while.

Well this is short and sweet, but it’s back to work for me.  Eight more days of double duty and then back to “normal”. Have a fantastic Sunday friends.

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  1. momma says:

    Your at home is looking forward to you getting back to normal hours–we miss you.

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