Can’t Say I Am Lazy

Because just the fact that I am working an 80 hour work week says I am not. Lol

Hi my beautiful friends!  It is 1:15am on the midnight shift and I would normally be doing paperwork, but my boss worked the afternoon shift so she did it instead.  That left me free to make up the shopping list for tomorrow, hunt coupons and visit with you.

So many wonderful things are happening my friends. Our niece sent us pics of our great niece Alison. The picture is at the top because my phone is misbehaving today.  😠

And a very Happy 50th Birthday to my brother Les.  We will be headed over to his house tomorrow to celebrate with him.

And I am happy to say despite all the hours I am working I did get to take a mini road trip with Momma today.  We went to get the fruit for canning.  Stopped by Big Boy for some brunch.  I have to show you the outfit she wore today.  I love this.  Beats the Navy and black she used to wear when I was a kid and she was working.  Now she colorful like her personality.

….. well my Fucking phone doesn’t like that either so I owe you a pic.

Well I should go do bed checks. After all I am at work. Lol Good Night Friends! 😴



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One Response to Can’t Say I Am Lazy

  1. momma says:

    The only problem with the activities is your lacking time to sleep. Take it easy lady!

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