Turning 45…

Yesterday was my 45 birthday and while it was not ideal it was still a good birthday.

I started feeling under the weather on Wednesday, Thursday a bit worse and by Friday my actual birthday I would have paid you to shoot me dead.  But my family was awesome.  They kept me fed, let me watch what I wanted on TV and when I needed to rest they let me do that too. Not a rocking birthday but not the worse way to spend it either.

Today was supposed to be puppy school and then an early birthday dinner with the family. Puppy School there was a mix up so no graduation day.  But she did get her certificate and she has her dress so we can do a nice picture

Birthday dinner ended up being just Les, Anne, David and I.  It was good food and good conversation.  Momma was feeling under the weather, but I totally understand that was me just the day before.

So now it’s Saturday Evening and I am curled back up in my bed for another nap.  45 is starting off a bit wobbly but that is ok.  It will get better everyday.


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  1. momma says:

    I think 45 started a new phase of life for me and I believe it will for you too.

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